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Tech With Purpose News #3

In Tech4Good, Tech With Purpose Newsletter by Scott

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Some of the most important 

Tech For Good and Tech With Purpose News

What is Tech With Purpose?

Technologies With Purpose are technologies and companies that focus on achieving one or more of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. These cover applications of traditional or emerging technologies that aim to deliver a positive impact to humanity, our planet, and the biodiversity that makes it all possible.

In this article, I look for some of the most important Technology With Purpose news stories that you should know about over the last week.

Today's issue includes articles on bioengineered barley, an $800M investment fund for positive impact innovators, sign language, the accuracy of digital health tools, how AI could cut congestion by 75%, plus more.

  • Floating Nuclear Power Plants

    Innovative idea to help create non-fossil fuel alternatives for the energy needs of developing countries. However, the security risk of these floating 'mini-nukes' raises many questions. View the article here.

  • UK Creates All-Party Group to Explore Digital Healthcare

    Following last week's news regarding the NHS report into digital technologies, this weeek, the UK governement established a Digital Health All-Party Parliamentary Group to explore the benefits of digital technologies in the provision of health care. Read the article here.

  • $800 Million for Positive Impact Startups

    US$800M Cathay Innovation fund sets out to support entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to have positive impact on the planet. View the LinkedIn post here.

  • AI Could Cut Congestion By 75%

    How Artificial Intelligence and navigation apps could create detailed models and forecasts of traffic, helping reduce congestion and pollution. Read the CNN article here.

  • Healthcare AI Startups Contribute to 25% Increase in 2020

    Nvidia's Inception program that tracks AI startups grew 25% to 7,000 companies. Spurred mostly by the pandemic, topping the list are IT services, health care, and media and entertainment. Read the article here.

  • Healthy Buildings Trend Will Live On Beyond COVID

    We've all experienced buildings that make us feel ill. The pandemic has caused us to focus on 'healthy buildings', and the positive impact will be long lasting. Read the Wired article here.

  • Business Coaching On The Rise

    Spurred on by increases in anxiety, uncertainty and new workplace demands, Business Coaching is seeing a surge. CoachHub raises $30M to help put employees in touch with mentors and coaches. View the article here.

  • How Accurate Are Digital Health Apps?

    The BMJ published a study looking at the effectiveness of digital symptom trackers vs doctors. Spoilers alert - theres' still some way to go. Read the study here.

  • Digital Sign Language Tools

    Deutsche Telekom launches a technology from SignAll that helps teach American Sign Language. Read the article here.

  • Bacteria, Boneyards and Bioengineered Barley

    As mentioned in a previous article, decaying matter contributes a significant amounts of greenhouse cases to our atmosphere. This list of 10 technologies explores how technologies are addressing this. Read the article here.

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