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Tech With Purpose News Summary #2

In Tech4Good, Tech With Purpose Newsletter by Scott

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Some of the most important 

Tech For Good and Tech With Purpose News

What is Tech With Purpose?

Technologies With Purpose are technologies and companies that focus on achieving one or more of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. These cover applications of traditional or emerging technologies that aim to deliver positive impact to humanity, our planet, and the biodiversity that makes it all possible.

In this article, I look for some of the most important technology with purpose, tech4good and tech4impact news stories that you should know about from the past week.

Today I discover articles on 3D cameras in neurosurgery, genomics and AI for mental health, community based virtual power plants, hot air for energy storage, flexible batteries, globalisation's end, and a few things on AI, 5G and soil.

  • A View On Technology and Mental Health from the NHS

    An NHS research group publishes a report of recommendations on the importance of technology (smartphones, sensors, genomics and AI) for managing mental health in the workplace. View the report here.

  • Virtual Power Plants

    How the combined renewable energy generation capabilities of communities could be harnessed as Virtual Power Plants (VPP). One apartment complex in Utah aims to generate 12.6 megawatt hours. Read the article here.

  • Hot Air Batteries

    In a UK based trial, Cheescake Energy Limited and Via East Midlands test high pressure hot air as a way to store energy for EV charging. View the press release here.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Plankton

    AI project OcéanIA uses machine learning to automatically identify uncategorised plankton species to help better understand the role of oceans in climate change. View the news article here.

  • Flexible 10x Capacity Batteries

    Nano-engineering research from San Diego creates ultra thin, highly flexible batteries with 10x the storage capacity of Lithium Ion. Watch the video here.

  • What Comes After Globalisation? Purpose.

    Economist Mike O'Sullivan explores what happens now globalisation is coming to an end, and the role of values-based connections, or as I call it, "purpose". Watch his TED talk here.

  • The Focus on AI Bias in 2021

    As the rate of application of AI to all manner of problems sky-rockets, so does the cost for getting it wrong. This article looks at the importance of data management in 2021 with the mandate to eliminate bias. View the article here.

  • How Big Tech Plays Big In ESG

    A financial view of how Big Tech companies are apparently scoring high when it comes to their environment, social and governance (ESG) performance. Read the article here.

  • UK Hospital Launches 3D Surgery

    Beacon Hospital invests in Orbeye to provide 3D vision to neurology surgeons. Read the article here.

  • Inaugural UN Food And Agriculture Report

    This article on the importance of Soil, supported by a University of Cape Town Biological Sciences Lecturer points towards the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization's first global report on soil biodiversity. Read the UN report here.

  • MedTech Accelerator, 5G Test Beds

    BetaDen accelerator opens up the latest cohort to MedTech, giving them access to the Worcester 5G test-bed Read the UN report here.

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