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Q1 2021 Research, Tech With Purpose

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united nations sustainble development goal - UN SDG  17

Tech With Purpose Research

The why, what and how of my 1Q 2021 Tech for Purpose Research.

Technologies With Purpose are those that are doing good in the world around us, building a better, fairer and more sustainable future for the planet and all those who inhabit it.

Through this research, I plan to discover more about the leaders, their companies and the technologies that will change our world for the better.


I’ve spent my career working in startups and blue-chip multinationals, bringing innovative technologies to the world. One day I found myself asking “Why am I doing this, for what end?”.

After years of personal reflection, I discovered my purpose, my "why". Today, I discover, support and work with companies who will change the world, for good.

Technology often gets a bad rap for their negative effects on society or the environment. Yet, there are so many companies with amazing technologies, actively working towards positive impact, lead by leaders whom have also discovered their own "why".

The aim of my research is to find out more about these people, their technologies and what the world could look like in the future.

I'll be conducting my research through short, personal one-to-one interviews. Don't miss out, register for updates below.

Interviews with Leaders about their Purpose, Technology and Vision.

The Leaders

Learn more about the leaders who aspire to change the world.
  • Why they do what they do?
  • What inspires and motivates them?
  • How does this drive their company?
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The Technologies

Discover technologies aiming to deliver a positive impact.
  • What does the technology enable?
  • Which UN SDGs do they align with?
  • How will this create positive impact?

The Impact

How will their technology change humanity and our planet for good? Is there momentum, and how to build on it?
  • What influence has the pandemic had?
  • What will the next years look like?
  • What still needs to change?
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Why Inspiring Tech With Purpose Leaders Should Get Involved.

People are hungry for inspirational good news stories.

I am on a mission to tell the story of the leaders, companies and technologies that aspire to change the world for the good. Working on this with me will give you and your brand additional visibility and kudos. Plus, I’ll share your message far and wide.

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Scott is an Independent Technology Analyst, Content Writer and Connector of interesting people. Scott is a technologist at heart, with a history of technology innovation and marketing leadership roles. As the founder of this website and several other businesses, he is passionate about helping technology companies communicate their relevance and awesomeness in a way that engages and excites everybody. Get in touch with Scott here or connect with him on LinkedIn. Learn Scott's tips for content marketing, download his free template here..