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I've spent a lot of time building and marketing innovative technologies for large and small companies all over the world. In that time I've discovered what matters, both in terms of technology content marketing, but also in life.

Communicating with purpose

Today I talk about technologies, companies and leaders striving to make a positive difference to our world, focusing on initiatives that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

I call this TechWithPurpose.

I work with TechWithPurpose companies and leaders to tell their story, to elevate their work and inspire others to make a change.

If you are a purpose-driven leader or marketer at a TechWithPurpose company, find out more about how my Technical Content Writing and Independent Analyst Services could alleviate worry, and create a competitive edge in your market.

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I put my skillsets to work right here on this website. My work here is dedicated to discovering and highlighting technologies, leaders and companies that are doing good in this world. Find out more in the video below.

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My background

scott writes about interesting technology and placesI've worked for household names (Vodafone) and industry giants (Qualcomm and IHS Markit), helped expand and grow startups internationally (Communigate, Miyowa, RootMetrics), founded my own businesses (,, and advised others (Association of Colleges - Create,, AutomationSquared).

I have always been interested in technology, and studied Cybernetics and Control Engineering, finally creating a robot that learned to move and hunt using Artificial Intelligence and sensory fusion ... in 1996!

Since then, with my passion for technology, I've spent a career working across technology, strategy, marketing, business development and communications/PR roles.

What I've enjoyed the most is being able to help bring fantastic new technologies come to market that make a positive impact to our lives.

My goal with this website is to showcase purpose-driven leaders and technology companies who aspire to make a positive difference to our world.

Please do get in touch if you are looking for professional, reliable technology content marketing with an edge - either as a feature on this site, for publication on your website or in other marketing materials. 

My full profile can be found on LinkedIn.