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Supporting the SDGs through global projects

This website is a platform to showcase innovative technologies, companies and leaders that aspire to make a difference to our world. In doing this, our aim is to multiply their impact.
But this isn't enough
We wanted to create our own global impact, too.
Business For Good

Using Tech For Good

There are two ways we use technology to achieve a positive global contribution today:

  • First, if you sign up as a subscriber to our newsletter we partner with DigitalHumani to plant a tree on your behalf. Sign up here.
  • Second, we are delighted to partner with B1G1 to be able to offer a range of different impact options across the full range of SDG Global Goals. As a B1G1 member we can create "impacts" that support projects all over the world.

Integrated Business Impacts

Some of the ways we have integrated doing good into our business.
  • Someone books a meeting with us via Calendly
  • Someone clicks on one of our giving campaigns like the form below
  • Anyone opens our newsletter
  • We raise an invoice
  • We get invited to present at an event
  • We are asked to provide a business proposal
make a global impact on the UN SDGs

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We'll continue to incorporating more of these impacts in our business processes; from signing up new clients, publishing key articles or interviews, when we hit milestones, or even go for a run. But today, we want to encourage website visitors like you to make an impact for free - no strings attached.

We'll sponsor an impact on your behalf

Using the form below you can help deliver a tangible impact via a number of approved projects. All you have to do is click the button, and we'll sponsor the impact on your behalf - we do the rest!

Working with B1G1 we will sponsor an impact of your choice.

Support a Sustainable Development Goal today

By teaming up with B1G1, we are delighted to provide you an easy and free option to make an impact to communities across the planet. Simply choose your preferred SDG and related projected and click "Support Now for Free".

Providing an email address is optional - if you do, we'll be able to share additional information with you relating to the website and other TechWithPurpose news. But, to emphasise your email address is not needed to make an impact. So go-ahead, give it a go today.

Please note: even though we provide this for free to you, there is a cost to us, so we kindly ask that you refrain from making multiple requests. With that said, please do share this page with your friends and family if you think they will appreciate it.

Our Total Impact So Far

This number represents the number of donations we have made to worthy causes through our work with B1G1. View these on a map.

Choose to make an impact today

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