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Our Purpose

Humanity’s insatiable appetite for technological advancement has lead us into a dead-end.

We’re facing existential threat as a result of our pursuit of technology progress.

Yet technology can redeem itself and help secure a better future for humanity on this planet. New breads of purpose driven leaders and companies are using technologies to reverse the damage, and secure our futures. My job is to find them and help them.

Finding hope for humanity in purpose-driven technology leaders and companies
Our mission

Well, That's Interesting Tech! is dedicated to discovering and celebrating technology leaders, innovations and companies that are helping make our world a better place.

We seek out and highlight technology leaders and companies that align their work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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How we help

Technology Companies and Leaders

Through powerful, independent content we help technology leaders and companies elevate their brands and resonate with the people that matter, whether that's consumers, investors, businesses, governments, NGOs, or partners.

Purpose driven technology companies with an alignment to UN SDGs can find out more about the services we offer here.

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Other ways we can help

If you have SDG-aligned news to share, we will help distribute it. Find out more here.

Perhaps you have an opinion you want to share? Submit your articles for consideration here.

Everyone else

We make it easier for individuals, businesses and organisations to find their purpose and to make this world a better place for all that inhabit it.

We understand that whilst the UN SDGs are an excellent framework to help direct and talk about changes for good, they can seem overwhelming and unapproachable.

By seeking out, and distilling the visions and aspirations of technology companies and leaders that are aligned to the 17 Global Goals, we aim to make it easier to find the solutions that matter and inspire even the smallest of steps in the right direction - although we hope for much more.

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