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Tech With Purpose is defined as technologies, tech companies or leaders that aspire to change the world for the better, with a focus on solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
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Discovering Sustainability Technologies 

What is the roles of sustainability technology and the SDGs today as humanity faces one of its biggest existential struggles yet?

Humanity's struggle started hundreds of thousands of years ago, when homo sapiens arose the victors. Yet our current period of crisis can be traced back beyond the industrial revolution, to the agricultural revolution of the 18th century.

Today the confluence of centuries of societal and technology innovation present us with challenges that are already impacting humanity, the planet and the biodiversity on which it all depends. More worryingly, we find ourselves struggling to understand, let alone control what is essentially a planetary system that has gone an "open-loop".

The term "butterfly effect" was coined to express the interconnected nature of our planet, and how the flapping of a butterfly's wings could cause a much more significant, amplified effect in another part of the planet. Our societies and the planet we depend on are series of millions of complex, interwoven butterfly effects and this is why the work of this website focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Why look for Technology focusing on the SDGs?

Note: If you're not sure what the SDGs are, check out this article - What are the UN SDGs.

There are many criticisms of the SDGs - Some say they are too confusing, too high-level, too ambitious, or even too political. Whilst I don't think they are perfect, they do, in my opinion, provide a number of important things:

  1. They provide a common language for us all to understand the challenges we face
  2. They provide a common framework in which we can work together
  3. The illustrate the interconnected nature of everything - just try to pick the top three we should focus on and you'll soon discover as you dig deeper how they all connect
  4. They are "stretch goals" which provide us with a serious collective challenge.

Addressing these goals is mammoth undertaking, and requires government, societies, and organisations of all sorts to collaborate. Technology is just one way to help address the UN SDGs, but a significant one.

With this in mind, this site sets out to discover the technologies, tech companies and leaders that are aligning with the UN SDGs and aspiring to make the world a better place for all that inhabit it.

Due to the criticality these challenges pose to all of us, this is an area that is set to grow massively in the coming years, as shown by the statistic below.

Market Valuation of Sustainability Technologies addressing the UN SDGs:
$0 Trillion

World Economic Forum & Accenture: "Unlocking Digital Value to Society: A new framework for growth"
Download the report here ⇢

Technologies and the UN SDGS

Looking For Sustainability Technologies Through the SDG lens

The work on this website looks for technologies aiming to help humanity address these tremendous challenges. Use the menus below to explore all the good that is actually going on.

Featured image for “9 European Renewable Energy Companies Who Are Hiring Now”
Sep. 14, 2022

9 European Renewable Energy Companies Who Are Hiring Now

Following the recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) that for the first time, there are more renewable energy jobs, globally, than fossil fuel, I thought I would look
Featured image for “5 technology startups that are helping address SDG 9”
Sep. 13, 2022

5 technology startups that are helping address SDG 9

The world is changing rapidly and technology is playing a big role in that change. Every day, it seems, there is a new technology startup that is coming up with
Featured image for “Steps towards Sustainable Space Tech”
Sep. 01, 2022

Steps towards Sustainable Space Tech

This startup is one of several small, but significant steps to harnessing the power of space and Earth orbit sustainably.
Featured image for “€10.5 million to help prevent wildfire destruction”
Aug. 26, 2022

€10.5 million to help prevent wildfire destruction

Dryad secure €10.5 million to help prevent wildfire destruction.
Featured image for “The challenges of EV ownership”
Aug. 11, 2022

The challenges of EV ownership

I’ve recently subscribed to an electric car. These are my observations as I enter the world of EV usage. TL;DR; there’s a lot that needs to improve before mass market adoption.
Featured image for “Are we at a Point of Collective Climate Leverage?”
Aug. 11, 2022

Are we at a Point of Collective Climate Leverage?

If the pandemic brought humanity together in a collective consciousness that contributed to the Great Resignation, are this year’s global climate events enough to create another point of human collective leverage?
Featured image for “Helping Businesses Create Positive Impact”
Aug. 09, 2022

Helping Businesses Create Positive Impact

A new tool to help businesses integrate automated positive impacts into their daily operations.
Featured image for “Digital Carbon Footprint, Underground Data Centers”
Jul. 18, 2022

Digital Carbon Footprint, Underground Data Centers

A conversation with Bluebird Underground Data Center about data centre decarbonisation and reducing digital carbon footprints.

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