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whats the future of electric vehicle hire. where to find a ev hire at cop26

The Future of Electric Vehicle Car Rental, COP26

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What is the future of EV car rental?

With a recent car rental experience fresh in mind, COP26 in action and the rise of Electric vehicles, I spoke with CEO of UFO Drive to find out what is the future of EV car rental, and where to rent an EV at COP26?
Exclusive Podcast Interview with Aidan McClean

What's the future of EV Car Rental

In this exclusive TechLeaderTalks podcast interview, I speak with the CEO of about what drove him to create the EV car rental company, his views on the future of electric vehicle rental and how you can find an EV for hire in Glasgow for COP26.

Exclusive Interview With UFODrive's CEO

Find out how the combination of a cyclists' health concern and a frustrating car rental experience in Vienna led to a seven page business plan for a ground breaking digital-only electric vehicle rental startup.

Aidan shares his story of frustration, some of the obstacles he had to over come and the future of electric vehicles in car rental (spoiler alert: it’s going to happen much quicker than you expect).

Aidan’s also the author of an explosive book titled “Electric Revolution: Myths and Truths about Electric Vehicles and Climate Disaster”, that exposes the reality behind climate change, the misconceptions around electric vehicles and their potential to avert climate disaster. He’s currently publishing snippets of this each month on his personal website, do don’t forget to check that out for more fascinating insights.

Listen to the interview now:
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