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tech4good news - beer, reducing co2, reflective pavements and cooling the planet

This Week’s Top Tech4Good News

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Some of the most important

Tech For Good and Tech For Impact News 

In this article, I look for some of the most important tech4good and tech4impact news stories that you should know about from the past week.

Today I look at the top 10 global Greentech startups, AI and biodiversity, reflective pavements, ethical AI, geo engineering to cool the planet, how beer and potato crisps could help reduce CO2 emissions and more.

  • Digital Technology and The Planet

    The Royal Society produced a report investigating how computing power could help achieve net zero emissions. One recommendation is to switch to SD when watching videos on smartphones. View the report here.

  • 10 Top Greentech Startups

    Venture capital news site profiles the top 10 green tech companies, from robot farms, to vending machines, clean water and a company that featured in one of my articles that tackles wildfires. View the article here.

  • How AI Can Help Protect Biodiversity

    How one company, Cogito, is creating animal detection data sets to help AI play a more active role in conservation. View the press release here.

  • MIT publishes a study on "cool pavements"

    Can reflective building materials help mitigate climate change and extreme heat? View the press release here.

  • Ethical AI Degree

    In a UK first, Cambridge University launches a Masters Degree in the ethical use of artificial intelligence. View the article here.

  • Recharging Buildings

    The City of Boulder launches an initiative to test 2-way charging for buildings and cars. View the article here.

  • Graphene and the UN's SDGs

    A EU research project, The Graphene Flagship, looks at how the super-material graphene can help deliver on Sustainability Goals. View the article here.

  • Cooling the Planet, Artificially

    Debated since the '60s, should scientists use technology to artificially cool the planet? Read the article here.

  • Beer and Potato Crisps, Reducing CO2

    How one crisp manufacture is transforming its processes to drastically cut emissions. Read the article here.

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