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War & Sustainability. A detour or accelerator?

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This is an interesting article from McKinsey on the impact the Ukraine conflict has on the global necessity of carbon abatement.

In the short-term the impact will be negative, but in the mid-term it could prove to be an accelerator towards a new energy paradigm, just as previous wars accelerated energy transitions into civilian life.

“The 19th century’s naval wars accelerated a shift from wind- to coal-powered vessels. World War I brought about a shift from coal to oil. World War II introduced nuclear energy as a major power source. In each of these cases, wartime innovations flowed directly to the civilian economy and ushered in a new era.”

However, one line caught my attention particularly. In order for the long term upside to be achieved, our “leaders [must] act with farsightedness and courage.

#netzero #ClimateAction #energytransistion

Read the original article here

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