iot examples and practical applicaitons of internet of things

Examples of IoT in the World Today

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword you can't have missed. But what is IoT, and what examples of IoT applications are there today?

What does IoT Mean?

The Internet of Things is simply the concept of having "things" connected via computer networks and having those things communicate with other things. Actually the ideas behind IoT aren't really that new, in my earlier career we used to call these concepts Machine-to-Machine (M2M), however the world of IoT is much larger than M2M could have ever been.

In fact, the number of connected things in the world is in the high tens-of-billions already - and growing! The value of the Internet of Things market is currently forecasted to reach more than half a trillion dollars by 2022!

Let's briefly talk about what the IoT is, with some practical examples of IoT in the real world.

What is IoT, what is a "Thing" in the Internet of Things?

Things could be the computers and mobile phones that many of use already have a basic understanding of, and how they connect. But the Internet of Things goes beyond this. There is a whole magical world of gadgets, devices, systems and stuff (I'm trying to avoid using the word "things" too often 😉) that are connected and talking to each other without us realising it.

How do IoT Things Connect?

Low Power Networks

There are all types of connectivity options for IoT, but the new low power networks such as LoRA, Sigfox and NB-IoT are one the main drivers behind the massive expansion of the market.

Mobile Networks

The other driver for the IoT growth is smartphones. Smartphones have become hubs for other things that don't have their own built-in connectivity, but rely on the phone to connect them to the Internet via the mobile networks. These tend to be personal devices with built in bluetooth connectivity, such as fitness trackers, weighing scales, and some smart-home  devices.

IoT is a big driver for 5G networks, with 5G being able to offer connectivity to a significantly greater number of devices than 4G.

WiFi Networks

Smart speakers, smart thermostats, video door bells and security cameras are just some of the high-growth IoT areas that typically rely on WiFi connectivity.

Fixed Internet

Perhaps less obvious, are the more security or performance critical applications in industrial, security or utility markets that connect sensors and actuators via fixed-cable connectivity.

What is IoT? Some Examples:
Internet of Things Examples

Top 7 IoT Application Examples

IoT application example - location trackers and asset trackers

Location and Asset Trackers (Vodafone Curve)

Vodafone's Curve is a smart looking device with great aesthetics, and even utilises Wifi and Cellular positioning technologies as a fallback for when GPS isn't available (e.g. deep indoors). 

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Example IoT Applications - smart locks

Contactless Smart Lock Access Systems

The value of being able to remotely secure, unlock and open doors has been growing steadily, but there have been a few important inflexion points where the relevance and value has increased, partly thanks to the growth of IoT.

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Examples of IoT in action - Smart Waste, Smart Cities

Smart Waste Management in Smart Cities

Whilst the idea of smart waste probably isn't the first thing many of us think of when we are asked about our visions of futuristic cities, it is one of the most prevalent internet of things examples currently being trialled and deployed in smart cities today.

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IoT Examples - What about the impact on the planet

IoT Data at the Edge - A Case of Sustainability

Tens of billions of Internet of Things gadgets and devices will cause billions of tons of CO2, what can be done using IOT Edge Computing to mitigate this? I take a look at some numbers and speak with an industry leader to find out more.

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Example Internet of Things Applications - IoT in Smart Buildings

IoT and Smart Buildings

Key to innovation in Smart Cities is the democratisation of data. Smart Buildings, Smart Highways, Intelligent Street Lighting and Traffic Controls generate so much data from IoT devices that is not necessary for the individual system's operation, and as such, is often wasted. This is known as Exhaust Data. How is exhaust IoT data being used intelligently?

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Example Internet of Things Applications - IoT applications for supply chain

Securing food, the supply chain and IoT

Current figures suggest that of the 7 billion people on this planet, 925 million are starving, so even if we can't produce more food, saving just half of the wasted food could solve world hunger. How can IoT help?

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Example Internet of Things Applications - IoT in healthcare

Improving hospitals with IoT Technology

Finding Beds, Wheelchairs And Dialysis Machines Achieving efficiencies in health care is always a big topic, but even more so in the current climate. How is IoT helping hospitals and healthcare today?

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