What is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable technology is a broad term that describes technologies that have a positive social, economic or environmental impact. Sustainable technologies are innovations that aim to reduce or recover from the devastating impact humanity has had on the planet, and everything (including humans) that depend on it.

On this website we discover sustainable technology examples that are making an impact today, for a sustainable future. We frame these within the context of the United Nations' Sustainable Development goals.

Looking at sustainable innovation through this framework enables us to find examples that fit into these high-level categories:

  • People: What impact is technology having on humanity's health, well-being and prosperity?
  • Biodiversity: How is technology helping protect the flora and fauna that makes this planet not just inhabitable, but wonderful? How is technology helping recover from the destruction we've created?
  • Climate and environment: Covering examples of sustainable technologies that are helping reduce our impact on the environment, recover from the damage we've done and create a brighter, more sustainable future for us all.

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Save The Planet Humanity

We believe the question on all our minds shouldn't be about how to save the planet, not even how to save the animals. Ultimately, the planet and life will survive. It has done for a very, very long time.

The trouble is, humans are rather frail in the grand scheme of things, and as such it is the survival of humanity that we should be thinking about.

Of course, we're not going to save the human race if we don't save this amazing life-giving bubble we live in, that is the planet and the biodiversity it supports.

Sustainable Technology Examples and the SDGs

We look for sustainable technology examples that are aligned with the UN SDGs. Each of the lofty, ambitious global goals aligns with people, biodiversity, economic growth and the planet.

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If you're wondering, there is a clear economic benefit to sustainable technologies, which is one of the big reasons why we are witnessing enormous growth in investment in this area under the guise of "ESG investment". Perhaps this number puts things into context:

How important is sustainable technology to the economy?
Market Valuation of Sustainability Technologies addressing the UN SDGs:
$0 Trillion

World Economic Forum & Accenture: "Unlocking Digital Value to Society: A new framework for growth"
Download the report here ⇢

Technologies and the UN SDGS

Sustainable technology examples

This website is dedicated to discovering technologies having a positive social impact, helping us address the climate tech and ultimately save humanity through helping our planet and biodiversity recover from the damage we've caused.

You can discover the latest examples of sustainable technology in action across this website through the recent articles below, or by browsing by specific SDG here.

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Examples of Sustainable Technology

The following articles and interviews look at the positive impacts technology is having on sustainability. Each article is also tagged with the UN SDGs it relates to.

Featured image for “Treating Power as Data”
May. 13, 2022Related to SDGs: 9,13

Treating Power as Data

If we treat power like data, can we reduce both consumption and emission? Angelo Fienga says yes.

Featured image for “Uncover Scope 3 With AI”
May. 03, 2022Related to SDGs: 13,17

Uncover Scope 3 With AI

How can AI help uncover scope 3 carbon emissions? I speak with a company doing just that. What are Scope 3 emissions, how to audit them?

Featured image for “Solving Healthcare Challenges in Africa”
Apr. 28, 2022Related to SDGs: 3,8

Solving Healthcare Challenges in Africa

A two-part video interview series featuring two companies working together to solve healthcare challenges across Africa.

Featured image for “You Might Be Surprised How Precious Your Water Really Is”
Apr. 26, 2022Related to SDGs: 1,2,6

You Might Be Surprised How Precious Your Water Really Is

What do 40 million people in the UK and 130 million in the USA have in common? Water Scarcity.

Featured image for “Reducing Digital Carbon Footprint with the Edge AI”
Apr. 19, 2022Related to SDGs: 9

Reducing Digital Carbon Footprint with the Edge AI

Our digital carbon footprint is not negligible. It is huge. In this interview I speak with the CEO of a company helping tackle this with Edge AI technologies.

Featured image for “AI Flexes Flax into Circular Bridges”
Apr. 12, 2022Related to SDGs: 9,11,12,13,17

AI Flexes Flax into Circular Bridges

AI Flexes Flax into Circular Bridges. AI, optic fibres, bio-resin, flax combine to create a unique construction worthy of award in Circular Economy circles.

Featured image for “Progress Towards My Sustainability Goals”
Mar. 30, 2022Related to SDGs: 4,6,7,13

Progress Towards My Sustainability Goals

In September ’21 I set my sustainability targets for March ’22. How did I do? Did I achieve them?

Featured image for “Helping More Companies Improve Sustainability In Business”
Mar. 28, 2022Related to SDGs: 17

Helping More Companies Improve Sustainability In Business

Helping sustainability professionals collaborate, grow their business and deliver on growing corporate sustainability demand.

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