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5g what can we expect? what are the benefits of 5g why is 5g so important 5g vs 4g

Why is 5G such a big deal?

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Getting some answers about 5G:

How is 5G different from 4G? What are the benefits? And more...

When I introduce myself in social settings, the most frequent questions I get back are all about 5G. In the last couple of weeks, the questions I've been asked are:

  • 5g vs 4g, whats the big deal?
  • What are the top 5g use cases?
  • What are the business and consumer benefits of 5G?
  • How will 5G be used in the future?

So, with that in mind, I wanted to get an expert on the topic to talk about it. Having spent over 19 years helping to build the mobile network Three UK, Phil Sheppard was an obvious choice. In his previous role as Director of Strategy and Architecture, he was intimately involved in the development of 5G for Three UK.

In the video above I ask Phil for his opinions and insights on some of the key questions, including what is 5G and how is it different from 4G? Is it all about faster phones or is there more to it? How will we see 5G develop for both consumers and enterprises, and what kind of whacky ideas are being discussed for future 5G use cases.

Clear Technology

Phil is now the Director and Principle Consultant at Clear Technology Consulting Limited. Get in touch with him via LinkedIn or the company website if you need a little help figuring our how 5G could benefit your business.

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