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Telling Your Story. Independently.

Simply put, stories sell.

A well-told, easy to understand story is what you need to help your customer executives, stakeholders and investors emotionally connect with your technology product or service.

I'm a technology marketing expert who can explain technology in a way even my parents can understand - that's a rare, valuable skill that is available to you today.

Perhaps this fresh, independent approach is just the thing you need right now.

Comments on articles I've written for for clients,
 by their customers.

I think I’ve discovered something very special here.

Very interesting and thought provoking

Premium, Independent Expert Opinion

I create premium, independent plain-speaking articles to engage you customer executives and other non-technical audiences.

The unique, third-party narrative I will create for you, helps position your technology solution in a novel, compelling way. I will also help you get exposure through this website, my newsletters, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Ultimately, how you decide to use the content, is up to you - the possibilities are endless.

Examples of how companies I have already worked with have used the content:

  • Testing out a new marketing message, e.g. A pivot towards Sustainability
  • As an independent/third-party commentary on how the company’s tech fits and delivers value to their market, e.g. Smart Waste management and the environment.
  • As an independent voice in sales and marketing conversations
  • In investor conversations
  • CEOs have posted them on their LinkedIn profiles. e.g LinkedIn Citation on Remote Working
  • All companies use them in their social activities e.g Twitter quote on Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
  • One has used it to secure a meeting with a target client in an international retail giant
  • Another used it with existing clients during up-sell negotiations
  • Another, to open conversation with a (very large) channel partner 
  • Customer leads
  • One led to a high-profile speakership invite for the company.
I will provide easy to understand stories that excite your:

Multi-channel marketing

There's more to this than just a blog, and there's more to me than just a writer.

Depending on your need, we can include video interviews and podcasts, as well as extending reach across my personal and company LinkedIn pages, Twitter and Facebook.

With decades of experience marketing technology, I can be your technology writer, business partner and coach. 

Client testimonial.

Great Article! We weren't able to spend a lot of time to provide a fully detailed overview of all our services, but Scott has captured the real value behind our innovative products and solutions. Thank you so much for your work with us!

I proud to say I have 100% customer satisfaction! Read some of my client testimonials here
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You can get all of this value, and access to my experience at incredibly reasonable rates. A typical project, including a 800-1000 word article, with cross-channel promotion would cost a few hundred pounds, with a deposit payable at the beginning, and the final payment made when the preview is delivered.

A project of this scope will take me 2 to 3 days to complete, and nothing goes live without you seeing the preview first.

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Did you skip everything above?

Maybe you wanted to get straight to the details and skipped everything above? If so, in summary:

  • I create premium, independent technology marketing content in plain speaking, native English.
  • These articles help engage your customer executives, and other non-technical stakeholders and audiences
  • I do all the heavy-lifting, so it's so easy for you
  • The cost depends on the package you choose, but will be just a few hundred pounds.
  • You get more than content, you get a partner and coach with decades of experience
  • You can use this is so many ways to drive awarenesses, increase sales or get investment
  • Testimonials can be found here
  • Case studies can be downloaded here

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